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BUAD 301- Introduction To Marketing (General): Marketing Strategies

Branding Strategy

Use research databases to look for articles on branding and branding strategies.  Alternative terms would include brand loyalty, brand image, brand awareness, brand extensions, etc.  Examples: "sporting goods industry and brand strategy"; " consumer products and brand loyalty"' "automobile and brand extensions".

Consumer Expenditure Survey Data

Consumer Expenditure Survey data is collected for the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau. The surveys offer information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on expenditures, income, and characteristics of consumer units (families and single consumers), regional, race, gender, etc.

The Consumer Expenditure Survey website contains tables with data for the years 1984 through 2015.

Search Business Databases

For articles and reports discussing marketing strategies, strategic planning, economic forecasts, consumer spending/behavior, market trends, product positioning, etc. use the the major business databases such as Business Source Premier and ABI/INFORM Global  

Example of searches would include terms: Marketing and Strategies and ---- (segmentation, targeting, differentiation, positioning, pricing, ). Also search for other terms: Marketing and (Distribution strategy,communication strategy.) For communication strategies, it is helpful to search for specific strategies (event marketing; trade promotion, online or internet or social media).

Search for business and industry activities within the social media space. Examples: “Electronic commerce and ticket sales”; “Social media and Cosmetics industry”; E-commerce and "fruits and vegetables"  Also use alternative terms such as Social networks, electronic shopping.

Euromonitor Passport

Euromonitor Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide--including the United States.

This database requires login with UD Credentials from all locations- on campus as well as off campus.

Passport offers:
--Analysis of consumer and industrial markets around the world;
--Industry analysis across fast moving consumer goods and services, including market performance, market size, company and brand shares and profiles of leading companies and brands;
--Industrial makeup of the world’s largest economies;
--Data and analysis on consumer lifestyles, population trends, and socioeconomic analysis for every country;
--Commentary on factors influencing the global, regional and local business environment; and
--Surveys exploring consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviors.

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Inflation, Prices, and Consumer Spending (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Inflation, Prices, and Consumer Spending (geographic guide)

Look at the data for the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area: Consumer Price Index (retail inflation), Average Retail Prices, and Consumer Spending (household expenditures).