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Tools and Resources for Citing Your Work

Note: Correct citations must be provided for all contents used in this assignment.

Citing your work correctly is very important. Failure to cite correctly will be considered plagiarism, which carries serious penalty. Please see the "Academic Honesty" section of the University of Delaware student CODE OF CONDUCT.  

The Library has tools and guides to assist you with citation in many formats such as APA, MLA, etc.

       See the Research Guide: Citing Your Work.

Many academic databases (such as Business Source PremierABI/Inform Global, and others) provide citation tool to researchers. Generally, while at the citation page for an article, look for Cite, Citing, etc. on the tool section and the correct citation for a format will be provided.

There are also many freely available tools for creating reference citation. These citation generators can be used to create citation across all citation formats (APA, MLA, etc.). Here are some good tools:

If you need further assistance with citation, contact a citation expert at the Citing Your Sources page. You can also contact any Librarian at the staff page, or you can chat with a librarian on duty via the Ask the Library Services.