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Genealogy- Old: Immigration: Filby's Passenger Index

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The Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (PILI) is available online in the paid subscription to It is not available in  Ancestry Library Edition.

How to Use: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (PILI)

Find: Peter Pfister or Pfester or Phister (modern spelling is Feaster) who was traveling with his son Jacob. They arrived at the Port of Philadelphia before the American Revolution. Go to:


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (PILI). 3 vols. and supp. Edited by P. William Filby. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Co., 1980.
Location: Morris Library - Reference (Ref CS68 .P36 1981 and CS68 .P362)




Index is in volume 3, look for Pfister:
















Key to information:

Name; Age (n.a. = no age); Port of arrival; Year of arrival; Number designating published source; Page number


Consult the list of sources in PILI. 9041 is

Strassburger, Ralph Beaver.
Pennsylvania German Pioneers; A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808

Passenger Lists in Strassburger

There are three sets of passenger lists:

  • List A: Captains of ships lists of passengers
  • List B: Signers of the oath of allegiance
  • List C: Signers of the oath of abjuration (An oath of abjuration is a sworn statement renouncing a former allegiance.)

All men aged 16 and older were required to take both an oath of fidelity and an oath of abjuration.

Pages 611 and 613 are lists for the ship Brothers, 30 Sept 1744, that have the names Peter or Jacob Pfister.

A = List of Men's Names and Ages, Imported in the ship Brothers, Capt Wm Muir, from Rotterdam. 30 Sept 1754.

B = List of Foreigners, imported in the Ship Brothers, Capt, Muir, from Rotterdam. Qual. 30th Sept 1754.

C = At the State House at Philadelphia, the 30th September, 1754.

List C includes the information:

7 Roman Catholicks, 23 Mennonites, 250 Souls, 210 Freights. 101 Qualified. [From the] Palatinate & Mentz

“Qualified” indicates the number of adult males who signed the oaths

Jacob Pfister is also listed on page 609, which is not in the index.

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