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Genealogy- Old: Searching for Medical Information

Genealogy Resources at the University of Delaware Library

Family tree

Although not aimed at genealogy and family history, the collections of the University of Delaware Library (Morris Library) include materials useful to genealogists and family historians.

This Genealogy Research Guide is provided as a service for genealogists. It presents topics and resources to assist researchers.

The UD Library does not specialize in genealogy and does not have staff responsible for genealogy. Library staff cannot conduct research.

For questions about library resources and holdings, use the Ask the Library service.

For questions about getting research assistance, see the suggestions on the home page of this guide or on the topic/resources pages.

Hemophilia in the Royal Family

black indicates hemophilia

white indicates no signs of hemophilia

Genogram: A Visual Tool

A genogram is one tool for recording your information:
  • A diagram that depicts family relationships
  • Also called family health history tree, medical pedigree, medical family tree
  • Can be used for many purposes
  • Useful for spotting patterns

Create a key to explain your chart.

Disease/condition examined

Tailor it to your specific needs

Genogram for Tracking Multiple Conditions

Create a key to explain your chart.

This method uses a portion of the box or circle to indicate the disease/condition. Could display more than one condition.

Old Names for Diseases and Condition

Diseases have been known by many names. Tuberculosis is also known as:

  • Consumption
  • Phthisis
  • White Plague
  • Scrofula

You will need sources for interpreting old names for diseases, causes of death, etc.

Genogram: Tracking One Condition

This method uses the entire circle or box.